San Antonio's Best Cold Treats to Beat the Heat This Summer

SA Food Tours - Sweet Treats

Texas gets hot in the summer—really hot—and there's nothing like eating something cold and sweet to cool down on a summer day. We wanted to share some of our favorite local treats that help us beat the heat.

Lick Honest Ice Creams

312 Pearl Parkway #2101

Lick is an Austin-based ice cream company that kindly graced San Antonio with it's presence in 2014 and we could not be happier. Lick sources all local ingredients (including their dairy!) from the Texas hill country area to create truly unique ice cream flavors that pack a punch.

Lick's love for local really shines through in some of their flavors, like Texas Sheet Cake and Hill Country Honey & Vanilla Bean. But Dark Chocolate, Olive Oil, & Sea Salt, Roasted Beets & Fresh Mint, and Goat Cheese, Thyme, & Honey are just a few of their most delicious everyday flavors. 

I know those might sound like unusual flavor combinations for ice cream, but they are an incredible culinary experience that you cannot miss. Unique and seasonal offerings are also always something to look forward to on Lick's ever-changing menu. 

Now that I've told you all about their crazy flavors, I just have to say that the Lick employees always cultivate a great tasting experience where you never feel rushed or pressured. They want you to have a chance to try everything without feeling overwhelmed by their new flavors.

You can also find the most amazing coconut milk-based ice creams here that vegans and dairy-eaters alike will love. Your mouth will not be bored at Lick.

Palateria San Antonio

510 S. Alamo St. #104

Paletas are fresh fruit flavored ice pops, or popsicles, originating from Mexico. Palateria San Antonio is a local, husband-and-wife owned business that believes in using seasonal and local ingredients. They make fresh, sweet, and authentic treats in the heart of downtown San Antonio.

Palateria San Antonio provides a wide variety of water-based paleta (a blend of sweetened water and fruit) and milk-based paleta (a creamier version of their water-based counterparts). Their menu is always changing, but you can often find fresh fruit flavors like mango, coconut, watermelon, lime, pineapple, and strawberry. 

They even go way beyond fruit flavors with a variety of unique flavors you can't get anywhere else, like cucumber Lucas, Oreo, bubble gum, avocado, pistachio, and pickle. For an extra treat, you can get their specialty pops, which are coated in nuts, coconut flakes, or sprinkles.

You can often pick up the strawberry flavor, a milk-based paleta, on the SA Food Tour of downtown at it's solo location inside La Villita Historic Arts Village. Paleta is the perfect sweet end to a day of eating true San Antonio fare.

Revolucion Juice + Coffee

7959 Broadway St. #500

Revolucion is much more than a juice bar or coffee shop, they also create one-of-a-kind healthy cold treat options that are just as delicious for breakfast or lunch. From acai bowls packed with superfoods to naturally sweetened smoothies, everything on their menu is delicious and refreshing.

There's no other place in San Antonio with Revolucion's beverage options, like fresh juices and house-made non-dairy milks (what they call "Not Milks"). They also have great breakfast tacos and tamales, so make sure to check those out as well. Their brightly colored cafe makes for a great place to chill out on a hot summer day.

South Alamode Panini & Gelato Company

1420 S. Alamo St.

South Alamode Panini & Gelato Company combines the tastes of Italy with local Texas ingredients to make the creamiest gelato in town. The owner lived in Italy for years studying as a gelato apprentice, so they really know what they're doing.

South Alamode makes their gelato daily, so their menu is always growing and changing. Some of the Italian-inspired flavors you might see there are Blackberry Ricotta, Cannoli, Crema Nicciola (hazelnut cream or Nutella), and Amarena (a type of Italian dark cherry). They also have the more local ingredient inspired flavors, such as Strawberry Lime, Mexican Vanilla, and Pineapple Basil Sorbet.

For the ultimate grown-up treat, check out their boozy gelato flavors. Blackberry & Port Sorbet or Chocolate & Baileys Irish Cream will really help you chill out this summer.

Bonus: Honeysuckle Tea Time

Honeysuckle Tea Time is a secret "unicorn" milkshake pop-up shop that's not so secret anymore. Their milkshakes aren't just a sweet treat, they're a whole whimsical experience.

At these pop-ups, you'll find pastel swirled milkshakes sporting unique ice cream flavors (like lavender). As if milkshakes weren't enough, they're piled high with even more goodies on top from brightly colored sprinkles to cookies, merengues, miniature cakes, and even donuts! 

Honeysuckle Tea Time is a bonus on this list because they don't currently have a brick-and-mortar location you can visit every day. The good news is you can keep an eye on their Instagram account for announcements of when and where in town they'll be serving up their amazing treats. 

Tickets are available in advance to ensure you get one of these shakes. You won't want to miss out on this milkshake adventure, so grab tickets when you can this summer because they sell out quick.